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Paramedical Seminar

15th Royan Nursing and Midwifery Seminar

Infertility nurse and midwife attempt to provide a holistic approach to infertility investigation, treatment, and pregnancy through compassionate, informed and evidence-based practice. 

They work as part of multi-professional teams focused on delivering a high standard of care with research at its core.

To increase the knowledge and scientific level of nurses and midwives in ART clinics, skillful communication, guidance, and counseling, promotion of collaboration with other members of the health care team on research and treatment, incorporating appropriate medical collaborative management, or referral; "Nursing and Midwifery Seminar in Reproductive Medicine" is held simultaneously along with the Royan International Twin Congress (in Farsi language).

Main Themes:

-        Epidemiology, causes and management of infertility 

-      Familiarity with advanced assisted techniques for Paramedical Sciences

-        Impact of environmental, cultural and occupational factors and health habits on ART outcomes 

-        Emotional and psychosexual changes during infertility treatment and its management 

-        Counseling and education for infertile couples

-        ART complex ethical, legal and social issues

-        The role of nutrition and lifestyle in ART success rate

-        Nurse and midwife familiarity with immunologic factors in ART failure

-        Prenatal care in ART high-risk pregnancy

-        Investigating genetic and epigenetic factors in Infertility

-        Familiarizing with advanced cell therapy techniques

-        The role of nursing and midwifery in cell therapy


Important Notes:


Ø  Date: 2-4 September 2020

Ø  Deadline for abstract submission: 5 May 2020. 

Ø  Abstracts are only accepted in English, but the presentations will be in Farsi

Ø  All abstracts should be submitted via congress website, please make sure to follow the format completely.

Ø  Submission website: www.royancongress.com

Looking forward to receive your abstracts and meeting you soon. (Midwifery Seminar in Farsi)