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E-Poster Presentation Guidelines


Paper Poster Guidelines

You will be informed of the timetable for poster presentations for each session. 



Posters usually have similar structures to a research paper or journal article; similar to an abstract, sections include:

-        Introduction (i.e., brief rationale or review of relevant research),

-        Method

-        results

-        conclusion

-        You might also want to list key references.



·         Maximum dimensions: 100 cm tall, 70 cm wide.

·         Orientation: Portrait Orientation

·         Title of Poster: It should appear at the top in CAPITAL letters.

·         The author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) are put below the title

·         Use bullets (*)to simplify sections (i.e: introduction and conclusions)

·         Use large Font type: 36 Font type (for headings)24 point type (for text)

Ø  Do not use Font types smaller than 18.

·         Maximum length of abstract has to be 300-400 words including titles, names etc.

·         Use graphs and figures whenever possible. Make your poster visually pleasing and attractive.