Main Topics

17th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine 12th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology
1- Male infertility: diagnosis, treatment and risks
2- Sperm biology and testis function: cutting edge researches
3- Ovarian activity disorders: PCOS and POF (diagnosis, clinical aspects and trials)
4- Ovarian activity disorders: PCOS and POF (laboratory findings)
5- Implantation failures: RIF (immune, genetic and epigenetic factors)
6- Embryo screening before ET: improving ART outcomes
7- Reproductive imaging: developing methods
8- Influences of nutrition and life style on fertility
9- Epigenetic (regulation in shadow): epigenetic controls of gametes and embryos
10- Fertility preservation (regarding cancer patients): from bench to bedside
11- Gametes and embryo donation: public visions and ethic margins
12- Tissue engineering in reproduction: innovations in making of artificial gametes and gonads
13- Cryobiology: 3 Bios in low temperature (biology, biophysics and biochemistry)
14- Animal biotechnology: new visions, techniques and findings
1- Stem Cell Technology
2- Regenerative Medicine
3- Personalized Medicine
4- iPS Cell Technology
5- Disease modeling
6- ATMPs
7- Stem cell Based cell therapy
8- Tissue engineering
9- Cancer stem cell
11th Royan Nursing and Midwifery Seminar    
1-Etiology, epidemiology and management of infertility
2-Reproductive health screening to evaluate the potential for a reproduction after 40
3-Familiarity with advanced assisted in reproduction techniques(ART)
4-Influence of environmental, cultural and occupational factors and health habits on ART outcomes
5-Emotional and psychosexual changes during infertility treatment
6-Counseling and education for infertile couples
7-Complex ethical, legal and social issues regarding the application of reproductive health
8-The role of nutrition and lifestyle in ART success rate
9-Prenatal care after ART
10-Management of improvement process regarding infertility treatment side effects
11-Evaluation and incorporation of complementary and alternative therapies