(E-)Poster Preparation Guideline

To appropriately present your poster, please consider the following steps:

e-Poster Preparation: 

e-poster format: 
• e-Poster may contain text, figures, charts, tables, images, and artwork but not audio, video or animation. 
• E-Poster must be prepared in PowerPoint format, uploaded in the congress website. 

Important tips for e-poster: 
1. required format (sample is included in the attachment) of e-poster should bear: 

• Title + Authors 
• Introduction (Background & Objectives) 
• Materials & Methods, 
• Results, Lessons Learned, Solutions 
• Conclusions 
• Acknowledgments 

2. To prohibit any potential problem caused while uploading your file, use only standard Microsoft package fonts. Please make your poster content concise. 
3. To upload the e-poster PowerPoint please follow these Steps:


Step 1: Login (enter your Royan username and password) to access your profile on Royan Congress 
Website (www.royancongress.com). 
Step 2: Select mode of presentation (e-poster).