Pre-Congress Workshop

Pre-congress Workshops/Symposia Date Capacity
Assessment of DNA Sperm Fragmentation and Clinical Approaches

Chairpersons: : Marjan Sabbaghian, PhD
Executive Manager: Farank Mohammadpour
25 August 2018 10
Histology Basics Immune- Staining

Chairpersons: Abbas Piriaie, PhD
Executive Manager: Zahra Ajdari
25-26 August 2018 12
Isolation and Purification of Mesenchymal Stem Cell from Various References: Bone Marrow Dental Pulp and Adipos Tissue

Chairpersons: Mohammadreza Baghban Eslami Nejad
Executive Manager: Nesa Fani
27 August 2018 12
Theoretical and Practical Workshop for the Isolation and Culture of Mammalian Spermatogonial Stem Cells

Chairpersons: Fereshteh Esfandiari, PhD
Executive Manager: Faezah Moravaji, Mostafa Najjar Asal
28 August 2018 10
Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Chairpersons: Marziyeh Shiva, MD
Executive Manager: Zahra Chigini
28 August 2018 100