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Previous Congresses

The 20th Royan International Twin Congress
International Invited Speakers


  Prof. Marwan Alhalabi (MD, PhD)


1. Evidence Based Management of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
2. Adenomyosis and Infertility




Prof. Claus Yding Andersen


1. Fertility Preservation in Pre-Pubertal Boys
2. Application of Cryopreserved Ovarian Tissues


Dr. Yaser Atlasi


1. The Epigenetic Regulation and 3D Chromatin Organization in Embryonic Stem Cells
2. The Translational Landscape of Ground State Pluripotency  


Prof. Giovanni Maria Colpi


1. How varicocele(ctomy) Impacts on Couple Natural and Assisted Reproduction
2. Some Options to Optimize Male Gametes for ICSI  


Dr. Alexander Crawford


1. Accelerating Orphan Drug Discovery Using Zebrafish Models of Rare Diseases
2. Translational Biodiscovery: Identifying and Developing New Drugs from Nature


Dr. Matteo D'Este


1. 3D Printing of a Hyaluronic Bioink with Double Gelation Mechanism for Independent Tuning of Shear-Thinning and Shape Fixation
2. From Bench Science to Clinical Translation: Patents in Biomaterials


Prof. Luciana Dini


1. Safety by Design Interaction of Nanoparticles and Cells  


Prof. Gerhard Haidl


1. Current Options for Medical Treatment of Male Infertility
2. Chronic Epididymitis and Male Infertility


Dr. Mete Isikoglu


1. iTrigger: Better Results Expected
2. Freeze All for All? Some? None?


Prof. Masood Khatamee


1. Future of Reproductive System and Ethical Consideration


Dr. Peter Timashev


1. Milestones in the Development of Bioprosthetic Materials based on the Mammalian Pericardium Tissue


Dr. Anastasia Shpichka


1. Digging Deeper: Structural Background of Angiogenesis within Fibrin Gel


Prof. Eric Scott Sills


1. Intraovarian Injection of Autologous Platelet-Derived Growth Factors


Prof. Alireza A. Shamshirsaz


1. State of the ART Management of Monochorionic-Diamniotic Twins and Fetal Surgery
2. The Epidemiology of Perinatal/Neonatal Outcomes among Twins Stratified by Mode of Conception and the Effect of Advanced Maternal Age in the United States


Dr. Alberto Vaiarelli


1. The Matter of Oocyte number: More is Better
2. Approach to Increase The Chance of Euploidy: Dual Stimulation in Details


Prof. Catherine Verfaillie


1. Creation of Robust In Vitro Models to Study Liver Disease
2. Use of iPSC Derived Hepatocytes for Liver Generation/Replacement
3. Use of iPSC Derived Brain Cells to Model Neurodegenerative Disorders


Prof. Amir A. Zadpoor


1. Meta-Biomaterials: A New Generation of Biomaterials with Impossible Properties
2. Interactions between Surface Nanopatterns, Cells, and Bacteria