• 20th International Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine & 15th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology
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Oral Presentation Guidelines


Please remember the following points when preparing your Short Oral Presentation:

-         You will have approximately 5 minutes.

-         All presentations should be in English.


Your Presentation Slides:

Prepare your presentation slides (in Pdf Format) to be uploaded and ready on adobe connect for your presentation( Example).

To do that:

-          Save your PowerPoint presentation in Pdf Format

-   Quality Test of your Laptop/PC

1.      Please login with laptop/PC for the best connection speed.

2.      Make sure your browser is updated and working.

3.      Install “Adobe Connect” application on your system from this Link; we kindly remind you that adobe connect      does not work properly from the online


4.      Enter the Adobe Connect link 30 minutes before the program as a guest and then type your name.

5.      Share your screen/ PowerPoint.

6.      Check your microphone, Webcam, and headphone to enjoy the high quality.

7.      Check your lights to get the best quality image on the webcam.

8.      Be available all session long to participate in the panel discussion and the Q/A section at the end of the session.