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Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster Presentation Guidelines & Best Poster Selection

Dear Presenters,

Please consider the time and date allocated to your presentation:

Note: all posters are in PRINTED form.

1- The time of poster attachment is on Sep 7, from 8 am till 11 am.

2- The time of poster collection is Sep 9, from 8 till 11 am.

2- The schedule of presenting the posters is according to the attached file and your presence at the poster hall and attachment time is MANDETORY.

(Poster Timetable 19th Congress on Stem Cell Biology & Technology     24th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine )



Poster sessions are a valuable method for authors to present papers and meet with interested attendees for in depth technical discussions. Therefore, it is important that you display your results clearly to attract people who have an interest in your work and your paper.

Please prepare your Poster Presentation before the Conference, both in PowerPoint format & paper print format.

Please fine the PowerPoint format here and design your poster only in one page.



Posters usually have a similar structure to a research paper or journal article: Objectives (i.e., brief rationale or review of relevant research), methods, results, and conclusion or summary. You might also want to list key references.




Format of Poster Print

The maximum dimensions for your poster are 1 m tall, 0.7 m wide.

The title of your poster should appear at the top in CAPITAL letters.

Use bullet points to simplify sections like the objectives and conclusions.

Use large type, such as 36 point type for section headings, and 24 point type for text. Never use type smaller than 18 point for any reason.

Maximum length of abstracts should be 300-400 words including titles, names etc.

Use graphs and figures whenever possible. Make your poster visually pleasing and attractive.

The author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) are put below the title. It’s helpful to your colleagues when you provide a handout of your poster that includes your full contact information so they have access to your important ideas after the conference.

Carefully prepare your poster well in advance of the conference. There will be no time or materials available for last minute preparations at the conference. If you think you may need certain materials to repair the poster after traveling, bring them with yourself.


Finally, there will be a prize for Best Poster presentation at the end of congress based on these criteria:

  1. Scientific judgment
  2. More referring to poster
  3. Best supporting for answer & question section
  4. Questionnaire which is filled by participants

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