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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Congress Profile and Abstract


1.      When can I submit my abstract for Congress?

Online submission is 5 May 2023.


2.      How do I submit my abstract?

Visit congress website at http://www.royancongress.com/index.aspx and create a new account by filling the personal information online form. 

3.      I have already username/password from the previous congress. Can I use them?

No. You should create a new account every year for submitting your abstract.

4.      Is it necessary to provide full and exact information on my educational background?

YES definitely, this information will be automatically used in the final registration online payment. So, if you provide false information, your payment would be ineffective.

5.      How can I know that I have created my account successfully?

You will receive an email with the details of your username/password.

6.      My abstract submission online form is incomplete. Can I complete it in different days?  How much time do I have to complete it? 

From the time you create your profile, you will have 2 weeks to complete and finalize your submission. Otherwise, your incomplete profile will be automatically deleted

7.      How many abstracts could I send to the congress?


8.      I have completed all parts and have submitted my abstract. How should I know that my submission was complete?

You will receive an email containing abstract title and code for each of your abstracts. Please keep the abstract code for your later references.

9.      I’ve received “edition email”. What is that?

The edition email is automatically sent to all authors of the abstract to inform them that the abstract has been submitted to the congress. 

10.  Should I pay fees for submitting my abstract?

No. Abstract submission is free! But, Congress registration is necessary for finalizing your participation after the congress results announcement.


Add Author---Presenting and Corresponding Author


11.  Who is considered as presenting author?

The presenting author is usually the one who is responsible for presenting the abstract. For abstract submission, a presenting author is the one who creates the user profile (username/password) on congress website and submits the abstract.

12.  I have submitted an abstract. My abstract is part of a research project in which I was a member. Who would be the presenting author?

If your abstract is part of the research project, then usually you are considered as the presenting author. Please discuss this issue with your instructor or research director of the project because your abstract will be emailed to all the involved authors upon your final submission.

13.  What does happen if I submit an abstract with the name of my Professor as the presenting author?

Then your Professor will receive the congress certificate.

14.  Can I make changes to my abstract after complete final submission?

After final submission, you only have five days to update the information you provided. After that, it is not possible to make changes to your abstract. (For further details, Please revisit part 9 of congress account and abstract)




15.  When are the results announced? 

Congress results are usually announced in June 2023.

16.  How do I know about the status of my paper?

An acceptance letter indicating the mode of presentation will be sent for each of the abstracts you have submitted.

17.  What if I have not made profile? My Professor did?

S/he will receive the emails and is considered as the congress article presenter. Also, the Congress certificate will be offered to the professor.

18.  My article has been rejected. Could I request revision?

Each article is reviewed by more than three referees. The final idea is the average score of all the scores it received. Therefore, any objection to results is not acceptable.

19.  My article was accepted as oral presentation. Could I change the mode of presentation?

You can send a formal email to the congress secretariat at  info@royancongress.com.Your request will be examined in the congress scientific committee.


Registration Fee


20.  When should I pay the registration fee?

In case you submit abstract, you'll recieve the formal announcement to finalize your registration in two weeks time.  In case you are regular participant, you can register from  here since Mid March 2023.

21.  How can I start paying the fee?

As explained in your email, log in your congress profile and click on the registration icon. You are automatically directed to the online payment form.

22.  What is the cancellation policy?

In case you want to withdraw your article, you have to send formal request email to the congress secretariat (info@royancongress.com) before the result announcement.

23.  I am an international participant. How should I pay the registration fee?

There is a bank account available for international participants. Please visit registration page to find more about the registration fees and procedures. Please kindly email us the copy of your bank transfer recite before registration deadline.